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Tim Levy: Helping to Provide Focus and Clarity

By Joe Buda

Author, speaker and one-on-one coach Tim Levy specializes in helping people find focus and clarity.

Levy does not consider himself a coach.  He considers himself someone who helps others gain clarity in both their business and personal life. 

“If you don’t know what is running your life, you are just plain stuck. End of story.” Levy explained. “Once you know what is going on, once you have clarity – it all changes.”

“Now you’re in a position to experience sudden and dramatic change,” he continued. “That’s why I say ‘Clarity is Everything!’”

“I love the phone calls with success stories of people I coached,” Levy noted.

Levy got his start by being successful in the executive and CEO space. “I was doing well in the CEO space and moved to Silicon Valley,” Levy explained.

According to Levy, after his move, he became valuable in the strategic end of businesses.  His specialty was flipping a company in one-or-two days.

He had a desire to write books, produce albums and television shows.

After working on a television deal against Time-Warner, Levy found himself on the air in Australia.  He also received a book deal from Random House.

He took time between seasons two and three of his show to write his book, “The Life Summit.”

Levy describes his book, “The Life Summit,” as a combination of business strategy and metaphysics.

“It’s the name of a six step process of discovery that brings great clarity, and with that clarity comes change.”

Adding business strategy with a metaphysical mindset gives Tim the “magic” he works with.

“These two halves combine to form intuitive, connected moments that are hard to explain, but allow for big leaps and sudden Aha! moments,” he explained.

Levy’s jump from the corporate world to one of helping people was caused by such an “aha” moment. According to Levy, his decision came when he missed his son Zak’s first steps.

“That’s when I realized my family was more important than anything,” Levy explained. “I walked away from the TV show and started to work 1-on-1 with individuals.”

“I find it far more rewarding,” added Levy.

A day in the life for Levy differs on a client, versus non-client day.

On a client day, he spends time with entrepreneurs helping them to gain the focus and resulting clarity to make their business flourish.

His goal with his clients is to help them to expand their businesses rapidly and live their dreams.

For his non-client day, he focuses on his own.

“If I am helping other people to live their dreams, then I should live mine as well,” explained Levy.

One tip Levy had for people was to leverage their time.

“People tend to think they have to do everything in front of them,” Levy explained.  “They should use resources to get the work done, leverage other peoples time or minimize the time to do a task.”

“It’s amazing how effective you can be with websites that do things cheaply,” he added.

Another tip Levy provided was that most online businesses should be offline as well, and vice versa, as each requires different thinking.

For more information on Tim Levy, please visit his website at

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