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Flash Mob With a Fork

DishMobBy Lisa-Collins Haynes

San Antonio Informer

Photos by Shonique Finney

Baltimore, MD. – Buy local and dine local, is an initiative sweeping cities all over the country.  In an effort to stimulate and boost business at the local level, is just wrapping up their second Dine Local Dish Mobs campaign – an effort to encourage diners to support independently-owned restaurants in their communities.

Each year, helps to fill nearly 5.5 million tables at independently-owned restaurants nationwide. They partnered with local eateries like Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore and bloggers to spread awareness that there is strength in numbers and we should all remember to buy local and dine local.  With the outreach of local bloggers like Maggie Miller ( and other media outlets, Dish Mobs are growing in popularity.

Ideally during the Dish Mobs, hundreds of diners show up to the host restaurant and spend at least $20 to not only do their part in helping their communities to thrive, but also being a contributing factor in helping America bounce back.  Small efforts like this can produce the biggest results.  This year’s Dish Mobs went through, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Raleigh, Baltimore and Dallas.

DishMob2About is the trusted and valued source connecting restaurants and diners nationwide. The company offers savings at more than 18,000 restaurants nationwide with more than 45,000 gift certificate options. brings people together to relax, converse and enjoy well-prepared and -served meals at affordable prices. To date, customers have saved more than $500 million through the gift certificate program. has operated since 1999 and is based in Arlington Heights, Ill.

L.HaynesLisa Collins-Haynes

Lisa Collins-Haynes is married and the mother of one daughter. She is currently working as a Freelance Travel Journalist and has had several articles published.  Lisa is a self-professed out of control travel spirit (O.C.T.S) and she invites everyone to follow her new travel blog at


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