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Sisterdale Dancehall & Opera House and Eagle Dancer Ranch take visitors back to the Old West

Written and photos by Shelley Stepanek

San Antonio 1History is loved in Texas and north of San Antonio, Sisterdale Dancehall and Opera House and Eagle Dancer Ranch are two great destinations to discover the past and enjoy the present.

San Antonio 2Sisterdale Dancehall was built sometime between 1867 and 1884. In its early years, the dancehall was an Opera House, dancehall and community center. Later, it became a full-time dancehall with a community grocery store and post office next door. The Dancehall was the center of musical life for the community and all kinds of music was played including classical opera, folk, rock, Tejano, Americana and country music. Famous artists have performed there, it has been a movie location, and it hosted George Strait in a Bud Light commercial. Brooks and Dunn used the Dancehall while filming their classic hit song, Red Dirt Road.

San Antonio 3Sisterdale Dancehall shines with its row of 360 year old oak trees on the banks of West Sister Creek. With its weathered tin roof, and original wood floors, this is real history. The property has nothing lavish or ornate, just simple beauty. Featuring its historic dance hall, pre-civil war stone tavern, and its unique Bed and Breakfast, this is a destination. Be certain to ride in a horse drawn carriage to finish out the trip.

Eagle Dancer Ranch is filled with stained glass windows, and its hand-crafted bar is held up by two 150-year old cypress trees. With hay rides, buggy rides, canoeing, ranch and longhorn tours; where is there room to squeeze in fishing or wildlife viewing?

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One Response to Sisterdale Dancehall & Opera House and Eagle Dancer Ranch take visitors back to the Old West

  1. The Eagle Dancer Ranch is the most beautiful ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. Rolling hills, valleys full of flowering plants, rapid creeks, thousands of hundred year old live oak trees, many historic buildings and Kendall County’s only covered bridge.

    We could not have been happier to have our wedding here.

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