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Overcoming the Two Main Business Killers (2 of 2)

By Eric Johnson

Las Vegas Informer

There are two business killers that will devastate your profits and diminish your influence like nothing else. The first one we talked about in the first article of this series was indecision. (You can check out the earlier article on this site.)

The second main business killer we’re talking about today is Inaction. Just like indecision, it can be subtle or blatant. And… it can show up in a variety of forms. 

Inaction is the absence of action. (Brilliant, huh?!) I’m going to tell you the problem with this article right now. Most people would rather read about inaction, than go take action. You and me, we’re not “most people.” 

Social Proof:  Here’s a consistent observation on my social media presences. Anytime I post about the need to take action now, or the topic of regret, I get several likes and/or comments. It strikes a chord with people. Why? Because they’re putting something off that they want to do. (And they know it.) They’re deferring elements of the life they want to live. They’re saying no to one of their dreams for the sake of living the same old every day lifestyle that they know. In the words of a prophetess, Aint nobody got time for that! (Was she a prophetess? Hmm. Maybe not.)

Remember Morgan Freeman in Lean On Me?  It was a movie from 1989 where he becomes the new principal at an extremely challenging school in New Jersey. (FYI: I’m pretty sure Snooki attended there.)

The tie-in is this: Its time for you to assume the role of PRINCIPAL in YOUR LIFE. Decide what you will no longer tolerate. Get angry. Take decisive action. Release your passion. Turn off the TV and Netflix.  Stop dilly dallying around.

Your life is not going to happen “some day”. It’s happening NOW. Is it the life you want to live? 

Ill come out and say it. Its time for you to:

–    Call the person you’ve been avoiding

–    Ask for the funding you want for your business

–    Confess your love

–    Plan your trip

–    Hire a personal trainer

–    Take the class

–    Hire out your social media marketing (Wait, did I write that?)

Same mechanics:  If those actions above were cars, they would all look exactly the same under the hood:

  1. There’s an obstacle (fear, anxiety, uncertainty, etc).
  2. A decision is made to face the obstacle.
  3. An action is taken to overcome the obstacle.
  4. Since a new action has taken place, new feedback comes into our lives and we take new action based on that specific feedback. (And you’ll never get that real world feedback unless you take the first action that there is to take). 

That’s how it works. It’s not the Tax Code. It’s not “the new math” either. (Thank God.)

It has been said that action is the instant cure to fear. I agree. Guess what happens when the fear evaporates? Something new takes its place. Where that fear used to be, you’ll now find a new presence of power house juiciness like courage and determination. Gotta love that!

Action Steps: Overcoming Inaction.

  1. Get clear on your actions. You don’t have to do everything that comes to mind. Some things are not worth doing. This activity will cut through the clutter and reduce your overwhelm. On paper or on your laptop, write down these four words: Do, Delegate, Defer, Ditch. Write down what you alone must do. (Be a great father, go to the gym, etc). Write down things you can delegate. (Scheduling meetings, office work, bookkeeping, etc). Then work on getting them delegated. Write down actions you can defer. This is not procrastination. This is strategy. (Revamping your website, painting the spare room, etc). Write down actions you will ditch. There are some things you need to stop doing altogether. (Different types of busy work, etc). Do not skip this activity. Don’t assume you can “do this in your head”. Get it on paper in front of you. Based on what you wrote, take the appropriate new actions.
  2. Be the principal in your life. This means taking responsibility and accepting full ownership for everything in your life. Where are you fulling owning your life? Celebrate it! What are you ignoring and/or tolerating? Decide to face it. Where are you playing the victim? Decide to own it. Discover what there is to discover. Be the principal of your life by taking actions to claim back the parts you’ve let go.
  3. Take action right now. Stop reading this and GO DO SOMETHING that puts you one step closer toward what you want. The “Just Do It” slogan is timeless because it’s eternally relevant. So, just do it. You’ll be glad you did. 

Got an insight or suggestion? Let us know.

eric johnsonEric Johnson

Eric Johnson helps Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, and other Cool People use Social Media to Make Money, Boost Visibility, Build Credibility and Generate Buzz. His company is called Social Media Profit Agency. When he’s not on the phone with a client or working online, he’s out with friends and family, watching Game Of Thrones or Vikings, or at the gym training for Tough Mudder.

Wondering how he can help your business? Connect with him here:



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