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House of Cards and Social Media Marketing (Episode 1 of 4)

By Eric Johnson

Las Vegas Informer

I just finished season two of Netflix’s House of Cards. My jaw is still on the floor. Since I work in social media, I couldn’t help but see key ways the main character’s quotes relate to social media marketing.

Frank Underwood. We love him. We hate him. He outrages us. We cheer for him. It’s a highly addicting show and he’s one of the best characters to come across in recent years.

Let’s begin.

“There’s no better way to overpower a trickle of doubt than with a flood of naked truth.” Frank Underwood

Frank Underwood will lie, bully, and manipulate anybody or any situation to get what he wants. That’s obviously not what we want to see on social media. However, his point about naked truth is exceptionally insightful.

When people discover you for the first time through social media, they’re still not sure about you. You’re new to them, and they’re wondering a few key questions:

–    Is he good at what he does?

–    Is he honest?

–    Can I trust him?

Naked truth is an essential powerhouse and will do these 5 critical jobs:

–    It will build a bridge from you to your audience.

–    It will accurately portray who you are and what you offer.

–    It will help you lay out content that is meaningful to your audience.

–    It will help your social media interactions be dynamic and authentic.

–    It will build rapport.

Any inauthenticity or deception will be found out and you will pay a price for it. If you buy Facebook fans or Twitter followers, it will come back to bite you. Buying fans and followers is not truthful. I have a client paying the price for this mistake right now.

The foundation for your social media must be TRUTH.  People are sick and tired of canned junk and fake crap. There’s enough of that on social media.

Be different. Be you. Be truthful about yourself, your business and your expertise.

Truthfully share what your audience needs to hear even if it’s a hard truth to accept. People are starving for truth. Time for you to feed them.

Sharing the naked truth will help you overpower any doubt from your potential audience is experiencing.

Truth will help keep your current audience intact and healthy as you continue to build your platform.

Truth will help you stand out and connect to your followers and fans in powerful and authentic ways.

Truth will build your business and help you generate more money.

Commit to truth today.

Eric JohnsonEric Johnson

Eric Johnson helps Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, and other Entrepreneurs use Social Media to Make Money, Boost Visibility, Build Credibility and Generate Buzz. His company is called Social Media Profit Agency. When he’s not on the phone with a client or working online, he’s out with friends and family, watching Game Of Thrones or Vikings, or at the gym training for Tough Mudder.

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