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Social Media Advice from House Of Cards (Ep. 3 of 4)

By Eric Johnson

Las Vegas Informer

Welcome to part 3 of our House of Cards series. Each article in this series is based on one key quote from Frank Underwood. Let’s continue!

“There is nothing more disgraceful than running from a battle.” Frank Underwood

For entrepreneurs and business owners, we could rephrase this into:

“There is nothing more disgraceful than running from an opportunity.”

Social media presents a golden opportunity. It’s a gateway to connecting with potential clients like never before. It’s a way to build your platform, showcase your products and/or services, and gain greater visibility.

Two powerhouse opportunities in front of you are:

  1. Facebook Ads.
  2. Using LinkedIn to connect with your ideal clients. 

The Opportunity with Facebook Ads:

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, here are some tips.

  1. Use Power Editor ( instead of regular Facebook ad creation (
  2. Power Editor gives you more targeting capabilities and an amazing array of features. Here’s the catch though. It’s not user-friendly. At all.
  3. If you hire someone to run Facebook ads for you, make sure that they use Power Editor. Always ask about this before hiring someone.
  4. What you’ll be charged for ad creation depends on who you work with. Beyond that, you can set the budget for almost any amount you want, and you can run your ad for whatever amount of time you want. Facebook makes the budget and amount of time very user-friendly.
  5. Running Facebook ads, like anything, is a learning process. Running a few different ads allows you to see which targeting works best, which images work best, and so forth. This helps you get a strong foothold on your Facebook ad mojo. 

The Opportunity with LinkedIn:

  • Get familiar with the search feature. It’s an underrated goldmine. To get started, type in your ideal client’s role or title (consultant, personal trainer, entrepreneur, plumber, bookkeeper, etc). Be sure to search under “People” (instead of Companies, Jobs, Groups, etc).
  1. To the left of the new screen that it takes you to, under “Relationship”, select 2nd Connections. These are people with whom you share mutual connections already. This is “warmer” than reaching out to “3rd Connections and Everyone Else”.
  2. For “Location”, select what is most applicable to you. It may be United States, your state, or your city.
  3. With the results that come up, read through the most engaging profiles, and choose to connect with those people who are specifically your ideal audience members (target market).
  4. Note: They may choose not to connect with you. Remember, some people are on LinkedIn once a day, some once a month, and some just a couple times a year. If someone doesn’t connect, don’t take it personally.
  5. Once you’ve connected with someone new, send a message and introduce yourself and get the conversation started.
  6. Most of the time, you can add 15-25 targeted connections safely each week without coming across as spammy or getting a warning message from who I can the “LinkedIn Police”.
  7. Add targeted connections each week and over time your LinkedIn targeted connections will grow to a phenomenal number. You can’t do this on any other social media platform.
  8. (There’s tons more to write but that’s a good amount to get you going!) 

There’s the opportunity in front of you. What are you waiting for? Go for it.

Eric JohnsonEric Johnson

Eric Johnson helps Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, and other Entrepreneurs use Social Media to Make Money, Boost Visibility, Build Credibility and Generate Buzz. His company is called Social Media Profit Agency. When he’s not on the phone with a client or working online, he’s out with friends and family, watching Game Of Thrones or Vikings, or at the gym training for Tough Mudder.

Wondering how he can help your business? Connect with him here:



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