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The Hard-Knock Life of a Freelancer Mom

Photo credit: Flicker

Photo credit: Flicker

by Aby Nicole League 

Establishing a career as a woman takes hard work and dedication, even more if you are a mom, let alone, a freelancer mom working from home.

Growing up with my mom who has a day job and a sideline, I am used to seeing her rush through and between things like working, cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and oh did I mention working? Much to my surprise, this hectic routine of hers was passed on to us, her three children. Now that I am pregnant with my firstborn, my mom served as an example of juggling these things perfectly.

My friends would often kid about my numerous part-time jobs as an addiction. Well, I see it as a way of utilizing every available second to earn money for everyday expenses. With the availability of the internet, working freelance at the comfort of your home seems to be ideal. However, balancing your time and work takes its toll on health, particularly on sleeping hours.

Working from home requires responsibility and a whole lot of time management. You are balancing work and life, time in front of the computer answering to your bosses, while you answer to your children’s needs and obligations to tend to the household chores. Just like me, most moms opt to work at home, not to earn money alone but to spend time with their children, ensure family safety, and oversee their children as they grow.

Every Waking Day

I may not yet be officially considered a mom, but let me share with you my typical day as a freelancer soon-to-be mom.

Every morning, I wake up and check my email for tasks I’m supposed to do. After which, I fill up an excel sheet of things to do for the day. It includes cooking, doing the laundry, walking every morning, washing the dishes, and even doing tutorial sessions among other errands.

Sounds easy right? But the hardest part in each waking day is actually waking up. Waking up is a hard thing to do especially if you are pregnant. Your body is magnetized to the bed and you always feel tired. After working on my schedule for about 30 minutes, the daily grind begins.

For every task, I always see that ample time is given for unexpected situations. Given the flexibility of the time, it should be noted that focus and a good deal of priority should be allotted to every task. However, if you are on your third trimester, it is advisable to take a leave off from your work. You see, being on your third trimester, you are prone to false labor, contractions, and a full load of pain. If you cannot handle the pain, then your concentration is out of focus thus damaging your work ethics. I should know, as I had a hard time doing so. I even reached the point that the words do not imply anything at all. My mind was not working properly, I was not working properly, and I was in an overload of pain.

Oh well, given this situation, your duty as a parent comes first over work. It should because your work would mean nothing if in the end, you will not have a family you could share your blessings to right?

Working Mommy Tips

If you are considering or has just started to get into the world of freelancer moms, let me give you a piece of advice. Even if your real estate is a single house or a condominium, here are some career tips at home that you could do to balance your job as a mom and a freelancer:

Own a clock

Why? Working freelance requires you to have your own manager. As such, time will be your manager, in the form of a clock. Having a clock at home lets you manage your time properly. The clock reminds you of the time that has run out and time that is left.

Stick to your schedule

Being able to do two things at once is a cue for success and may be a formula for disaster too. Keeping a schedule ties your concentration to one thing at a time while having the job done when needed.

Take a break

As you work at home, you are faced with situations that could be too much to handle. As such, you need to have the energy for a day’s work. This also enables you to rest and avoid being burned out. Having a break may mean swimming in your condominium pool, taking a walk in your residential park, exercising a bit, watching TV, playing with your kids, or just simply surfing Facebook.

Have your own work space

Being a mom, you should have a workspace that is accessible for work while you oversee your kids at the same time. Responsibility should be equally divided between your job as a mom and your intention for a career.

Well-maintained Resources

Establishing a career at home requires you to have all the resources you need within reach and in good condition. As such, it is important to have good internet and a computer or laptop in excellent condition. Buy yourself an excellent laptop because it will serve as a good investment for a freelancer mom like you.

You may see it as a suicidal mission, but yes, moms are superwomen. Their children is their kryptonite and weakness and yet it’s what they’re fighting and working hard for. With these career tips, you’ll surely successfully establish career at home not only as a freelancer but also as a mom.

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