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The Empowerment Column 2014: Always Play to Win!

By Rev. Thabiti

Las Vegas Informer

Let’s turn off all fear, anger, worry and guilt and enter inside a moment of pause.  Let’s not race through anything right now because for this moment we must put everything on hold.  Whatever we think our problems or worries are will have to wait at the door until we return from our moment to experience the stillness and the silence that dwells deep within.  Our seeming problems and worries will be at the door waiting for our return except when we get back we will be improved and more ready to resume playing the Game of Life.  It is time to explore the greater adventure in being alive with a new and improved understanding of our intrinsic, universal and natural tendency to ‘Play to Win.’

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Right from the start and to be born we had to be the strongest and fastest sperm cell among thousands or millions of other sperm cells and be the first to reach our mothers egg.  We had to win because there are no 2nd or 3rd place prizes in this race to be born.  Every sperm cell desperately wants the most coveted one and only chance to experience the great afterlife that goes only to the winner and everyone else never gets the opportunity to have experience beyond that of being a sperm cell and die shortly after the race.  This is why we must not take for granted or complain about any aspect of this magnificent gift of being alive today because of all of the other individuals or sperm cells that would have given anything for the same gift of life we are experiencing right now.

Life is absolutely the most competitive game because right from the start we all must compete and WIN just for the chance to be born.  Welcome to the Human Race where Life is too serious to be taken seriously.

“If you don’t play to win then get out of the game.”

To accomplish total and complete fulfillment we must win these 4 Games of Life:

1)    The Emotional Game

2)     The Mental Game 

3)     The Financial Game    

4)     The Spiritual Game  ♠

In the same way that there is a mathematical structure underlying the perfect order of planetary movement and the punctual sunrise is the same mathematical way that we get the cards we are dealt each day of our life.

Right now if you want to see the cards that Life has dealt to you then go to and you will see them on your Personal Time-Map.  Your Time-Map covers a full year and costs less than 60 cents/week for unlimited use.

You cannot play to win if you don’t know the cards you are dealt.

The hand or cards you are dealt reveal the people and influences that are present in your life right now.  Your Personal Prophecy will result from the choices you make or direction you take.  Now you can see your Time-Map anytime on your computer screen and know what your directional choices are so that you can move towards the people and things that support what you seek to accomplish.

Your Time-Map provides Illuminated Directional Guidance to put you at superior advantage over your situation or circumstance to give you the best chance at winning all 4 games of your life.  It is also fun, interactive and so simple that an 8 year old can explain the 2 easy instructions on how to use it.

We cannot control everything but we can control our response to anything and how we respond to things that happen reveal our level of consciousness or spiritual maturity.  Since you never drive in the dark without using headlights is the same exact reason why you should never live in the dark without using your Personal Time-Map.  Now that you are fortunate enough to know the truth that sets us free means you no longer have any excuse for why you are not winning the game.

Eternal Blessings

This week’s message is dedicated to the lovely and gracious Wendy Shea of Las Vegas.  Wendy is the beloved Go-To person for anyone needing to buy or sell a home.  Wendy is a super upbeat lady who strongly advocates serious causes, health and fitness, being optimistic, and having confidence and belief in one’s self.  Wendy suffered the worst imaginable experience for any mother and chose to become a triumphant inspiration beyond comprehension.  In my view this makes her the Champion of Empowerment.  Wendy has a strong passion for puppies and dogs and is very proactive daily with rescue missions that help the ones with the greatest needs.  You will not meet anyone is Las Vegas who is sweeter or more awesome than Wendy.  If you know anyone needing the best real estate help out there please call her at 702-493-8286.

Reverend Thabiti is internationally known as the world’s most accurate personal forecast expert. His Time-Map System at provides illuminated directional guidance to those who want to see which way leads to what they seek to accomplish.  Reverend Thabiti is also author of the books, ‘All About You.’ and ‘The Secret Wisdom of the Ages.’  He writes the Mars vs. Venus Column in Las Vegas Woman Magazine and also officiates at weddings, funerals and event or ceremonial invocations.  Contact:

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