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The Healthy Perspective and Mindset You Must Have

By Eric Johnson Contributing Writer What healthy perspective and mindset is a must?  Which ones are the game changer?  I believe it’s simply this:  Be happy now.  Be happy before, during and after your project.  Depending on how you’re wired, you might pick another word instead of “happy.” Maybe it’s content, joyful or peaceful.  Maybe […]

Breaking Perfectionism

By Eric Johnson Contributing Writer Perfectionism is a bizarre yet fascinating article topic. Why?  Because what if my article isn’t perfect!?   If the reader is a perfectionist and sees a typo, will she stop reading?  If the layout doesn’t feel right, will he get offline and plop on the couch to watch ESPN highlights?  What […]

Overcome Over-analysis (2 of 2)

By Eric Johnson Contributing Writer Let’s begin with a quick summary of the first article in this series:

Overcome Over-Analysis (1 of 2)

By Eric Johnson Contributing Writer Isn’t it alarming how we can over-analyze and negotiate ourselves right out of the actions that lead us to fulfilling our dreams? We can over-think our way right out of finishing the projects that matter most.  We can even over-analyze ourselves out of the life we want to create and live. […]

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